SimpleActivityLogger v2.4 is coming soon!

We are currently actively working on SimpleActivityLogger v2.4

New features will include:

  • Logging system Startup, Suspend, and Restore, in addition to the existing Shutdown event.
  • Logging of Power events
  • The ability to check for updates going forward.
  • Updated look and feel to align with current versions of Windows.
  • Proper HtmlHelp for all dialogs.
  • The SimpleActivityLogger service will write errors and warnings to the Windows Event Log
  • The ability to see the version of the application and service in the About Box of the application.
  • Much faster loading of the log file in the Viewer window of the application.

Bugfixes will include

  • System Shutdown events not being recorded when Fast Startup is enabled (this will be handled as a Suspend event, because that’s what actually happens)
  • Dependency and Load Order issues on the SimpleActivityLogger service.
  • various other minor bugfixes

We don’t yet have a release date for this, but the code changes are nearing completion. There will then be a period of testing.


We’re experiencing a little bit of feature creep, and we may choose to delay release whilst we make breaking changes, and release this as v3.0 rather than v2.4