SimpleActivityLogger v3.0.0 released

SimpleActivityLogger v3.0.0 is now available for immediate download.

What’s New?

Logging service

  • A complete rewrite to use the Windows Event Log for logging events, rather than a text file.
  • Logging of System Startup, Suspend, and Restore, in addition to the existing Shutdown event.
  • Logging of Power events.
  • Logging of User Presence events and “Away Mode”.
  • Logging of activity by SimpleMonitorOff.
  • Errors and warnings encountered by the SimpleActivityLogger service are now logged to the ‘Application’ area of the Windows Event Log.
  • All events are now logged, regardless of the viewer settings (which are now a filter).
  • The Windows System Event Notification Service (SENS) is now only used to detect Screensaver Start & Stop, and Session Reconnect. Everything else now uses more modern technologies.

Viewer application

  • Updated look and feel to align with current versions of Windows, making use of the Microsoft Fluid UI and a Ribbon bar.
  • On startup, the application now checks that the service is running.
  • The About box has had an overhaul, and now displays the version of the application and the service, and also the status of the service.
  • Proper HtmlHelp throughout.
  • You can now check if there is an update available, either automatically upon startup or manually.
  • All settings are now stored in the registry rather than in the settings.ini file, and are stored on a per-user basis.

NOTE: This version drops support for Windows XP, and is compatible with Windows Vista onwards.

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The full change history is available here.