PartWord is a small application that helps you quickly answer the type of security questions where you are required to give certain letters of your password but not the whole password. You’ll have encountered this many times when making online purchases with a credit card, and are asked to supply, for example, letters 1, 9, and 23 of your password.

PartWord is particularly useful when used in conjunction with a password vault where you can cut & paste the full password into PartWord or supply it on the command-line.

PartWord does not store, transmit, retain or divulge your password in any way.

GPL v3For further peace of mind, the source code is available under the GPL v3 Open Source licence.


PartWord v2.x is written in C# and requires .NET v3.5 or higher, or Mono.
It works on all versions of Windows, and also under Linux.

NOTE: This simple little application is no longer under active development.



The current version is v2.0.0

Self-extracting EXE file with Windows Installer


Traveller mode (Zip file with just the EXE and the documentation, and no install or uninstall)


Zip file of the C# source code

You can find the release notes here.