RemoteShutdown was a program that allowed an Administrator to remotely shut down any number of NT/2000/XP Workstations over which they had administrative control via either a GUI interface or a command-line interface.

You could specify a delay, which could either be an absolute time (eg. 8pm) or a relative time (eg. “20 minutes from now”), during which a message you specify could be displayed. Alternatively you could specify a shutdown without warning. Applications running on the target machine(s) at the time of shutdown could be allowed to close, or could be terminated immediately.
Whilst a delayed remote shutdown was taking place, you could abort the shutdown of any or all of the workstations on the shutdown list.

You could also perform a delayed shutdown of your own (local) machine, with support for APM power-off.

However, RemoteShutdown has now been discontinued and is no longer available.