SimpleMonitorOff Change History

Listed in chronological order, oldest to newest.

v1.0.0 (22-Jan-19)

  • Initial release

v1.0.1 (01-Jun-19)

  • (internal release)

v1.0.2 (03-Jun-19)

  • Fixed a minor defect where, under rare circumstances, the screen(s) might momentarily power off again after unlocking.

v1.0.3 (02-Nov-19)

  • Fixed a minor defect where, when using a fingerprint reader, sometimes the screen(s) will not wake up upon unlock.

v2.0.0 (02-Apr-20)

  • Integration with SimpleActivityLogger.
  • Fixed several defects to do with Fast User Switching.
  • Guards against a startup race condition where the user logs on and immediately locks the console.